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 Storytelling has existed for centuries. It is as old as speech and has been embraced by various civilizations across the world to pass on important information, historical accounts and last but not the least to entertain audiences. We believe that stories can be magical; they have the power to awaken, transform, move and open new doors to listeners. A good story knows no boundaries – everybody loves a good story.


About Kathotsava 2014

KATHOTSAVA’14 is a celebration of fifteen years of Kathalaya’s journey in storytelling. The Festival will bring together some of the world renowned national and international storytellers and performers.

This is the fourth festival to be organized by Kathalaya in the country. Storytelling is a beautiful and magical experience between the Teller and the Listener. The festival will provide the audience/listeners a glimpse of the existing storytelling forms from different corners of the world. The universality of stories and its sheer power to entertain and educate at the same time will be showcased during the festival.The performances will be held in different venues and spaces around Bangalore. The Festival will also bring to light the many forms of Storytelling techniques like Narrative storytelling, String Puppetry, Shadow Puppetry, Glove puppetry, Ballad singing and Harikatha.
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Events Calendar


Nov 20, 2014 

By Invitation 

Kathothsava ‘14 will be inaugurated on Nov 20, 2014. This event will showcase Kathalaya’s journey of 15 years and also felicitate all those that have been instrumental in Kathalaya’s growth. The event will be at Rangoli Metro Centre, MG Road.

Katha Kahani 

Nov 21-23, 2014 

There will be a marathon storytelling in spaces all around Bangalore between 5-6 pm November 21-23, 2014. It would be a free event. Kathalaya trained tellers would facilitate these sessions. Click here for more details.

Kathotsava Ahmedabad 

Nov 22-23, 2014 

Kathotsava travels to Ahmedabad. Kathalaya in collaboration with Redbricks school will be celebrating our 15 years journey in Ahmedabad November 22-23,2014. Click here for more details.


Nov 25, 2014 

There will be storytelling for rural children at Kathalaya. Shadow puppeteers, folklorists and storytellers will regale the children with stories in Kannada.

Katha Shiksha 

Nov 28, 2014


As part of the festival, Kathalaya is organizing training programme for Teachers and Tellers by academicians in the field of oral communication and storytellers. Limited seats available. Book your ticket to register. Click here for more details.

Katha Diwas 

Nov 30, 2014

Rs. 350/- 

Katha Diwas will be a ticketed Storytelling Performance for the public. International storyteller Antonio Rocha, Geeta Ramanujam and local tellers will perform at this event at Rangoli Metro Centre. There will be 4 shows for the public. Click here for more details. Find the map here

Special  Intensive   Course 

Dec 5-7 2014


A special Intensive Course in Storytelling will be held as part of Kathotsava with Antonio Rocha and Geeta Ramanujam as the facilitators. Limited seats available. Please contact kathalaya@gmail.com to register. 

Katha Sandhya 

Dec 5, 2014


An evening of stories for children and grown ups alike at Atta Galata, Koramanagala. This is a ticketed programme with 2 shows – 6:00-7:00 pm, 7:30-8:45 pm. Click here for more details.

Diploma Course 

Dec 9-12, 2014


The intensive course will be followed by a one of kind diploma programme with Haiku poet K.Ramesh and Geeta Ramanujam as the facilitators. Limited seats available. Please contact kathalaya@gmail.com to register.

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Tickets for workshops, performances and courses may be purchased from http://bookmyshow.com. You could also contact Kathalaya by

Email – kathalaya@gmail.com

Phone – 080-26689856, 9980688992, 9538107070, 8277389840

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Volunteers for ushering, telling stories, sponsorships are welcome. Please contact kathalaya@gmail.com or call 080-26689856, 9538107070, 9980688992, 8277389840.
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