Kathalaya’s Vision

“To establish story telling as an educational and communicative tool to effect a change in society”

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in June 1998, it rained heavily.
Three teachers hurried to take shelter under a grand old banyan tree. The rain didn’t seem to stop.
At first it was a casual chat about the weather and childhood memories of the rain.
And later the conversation drifted towards the concerns relating to education.
Why is teaching a monotonous exercise? What really makes the child interested in a subject?
Do we have a role to play? There was a pause. Why not storytelling?
Can we as teachers make a difference to evolve a more exciting curriculum, through stories?
Can we extend it to the underprivileged children, in the same manner?
The rain had stopped and the questions seemed endless.
The banyan tree stood witness to a new thought process evolving under its shade.
And that was just the beginning of a long journey…
Over the next few months, the group met more frequently to crystallize their thoughts into action.
They called themselves ‘Kathalaya ~ The House of Stories’.



Attend our certificate courses in storytelling at Kathalaya’s Bangalore centeran Intensive Course for beginners (Level 1) and Diploma Course for professional storytellers (Level 2)

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Keen to embed storytelling in your life or business. See our custom and corporate workshops offerings. Or come and attend our short one-day workshops e.g. Story Soul Healing

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Story Space


Interested in setting up your own storytelling center – @school, @apartments or @playcenter. Kathalaya can help you get started with our story chest, training and know-how.

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Participants comment during one of our Intensive courses:
1st day was like taking a holy dip
2nd day was that of offering prayers
3rd day was like ‘Creating the stepping stone to destiny”.


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“If ever a story came alive and took its audience within itself, it would have to be the one you told during your workshop at CSF 2014. Each of the hundred plus members present felt they were in that story. It was such a wonderful start to the festival and I thought it was the perfect “Keynote Workshop”.
 The evening showcase where you performed your story kept the children and adults “happy” befitting the story’s title. So, thank you Geeta for being who you are – the extraordinary storyteller, who breathes life into stories; in whose telling stories become sentient beings.”  Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart…this is so rich coming from you, an extraordinary teller of immense repute and such goodness of the soul! – Asha Sampath

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