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Upcoming Events

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   Date: Saturday 19th October and Sunday 20th October

   Time: 10.30 AM - 6PM

   Program: A workshop on enhancing the STORYTELLER'S VOICE, EXPRESSION & PERFORMANCE

   Venue: Our Theatre, Koramangala, Bengaluru


Beginners & Diploma courses -  September -December  2019

OCTOBER 10TH TO 13THHIMALAYASMr.Chetan Mahajan:97176 15666
Beginners course
NOVEMBER 1ST TO 3RDMUMBAIMs.Malini: 88793 38300
Beginners course
NOVEMBER 14TH - 18THBANGALOREMs.Deiva, Tel: 8277389840, 
Email: Kathalaya@gmail.com
Intensive Beginners&Diploma
Residential course
NOVEMBER 29TH TO 1ST DECCHENNAIMr. Balaji, Tel: 8939540746, 
Email: balaji.palanidurai@gmail.com
Beginners course
DECEMBER 21ST TO 23RDPUNEMs.Dharithri: 9890084699 -dharithri.krishnamurthy@gmail.comBeginners course

Other programs

  • 18th & 19th Oct – Storytelling workshop for teachers at ADB Educators’ Conclave, Hyderabad
  • 20th Oct – Talk on storytelling for leaders as a part of the Readers’s festival, organized by Readsnet, Mumbai
  • 16th to 19th Nov – Intensive residential beginners & diploma course, Fireflies Ashram, Kanakapura road, Bangalore
  • 5th Dec – Storytelling workshop at Sahodaya school, Hyderabad
  • 7th Dec – Special performance at Kukdukoo Lit Fest 2019 at Kiran Nadir Museum of Arts, Noida