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The stories continue : The Hindu
June 18, 2015

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Geeta Ramanujam was a social studies teacher at The Valley School, Bangalore. Fascinated by stories, Geeta turned her classes into inter-disciplinary sessions. History was not taught simply by dates, names, and battles. They became adventure tales with a lot of excitement thrown in. Geeta’s classes were a […]

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Reviving the traditional art of storytelling : The Hindu
April 20, 2015

Children in Tirupur take part in two-day activity based event For the 67 children aged below 14 years, participation in ‘Story circle’ – an activity-based storytelling event held in Tirupur recently—made them travel the journey of storytelling beyond the ‘Once upon a time… and A long time ago…’ tag and understand its inherent benefits. The […]

The happy storyteller : The Hindu
February 9, 2015

Geeta Ramanujam enchanted both six and sixty-year-olds with her tales An ear splitting wail tears through the room. Children cover their ears. An ugly and unhappy demon has just caught sight of his reflection in the mirror. And, he is aghast. His blood stops flowing and heart stops beating! Geeta Ramanujam, dressed in a red […]

Stories can change your life – The Hindu
December 2, 2014

Geeta Ramanujam speaks about Kathotsava 2014, the world story telling festival, that is underway in the city Veteran storyteller Geeta Ramanujam’s stories draw you in, hypnotise and leave you enthralled. Co-founder of Kathalaya, a storytelling Academy in Bengaluru, Geeta has brought alive the magic of stories not just in the city, but also in other […]

Once upon a time, with Rohini : The Hindu
November 29, 2014

When Rohini Christopher starts to tell a story, she holds both children and adults in a thrall Rohini Christopher picks up the pop-up book on Chronicles of Narnia and flips the pages. As the cut-out of a lion pops out of the book, she exclaims, “Isn’t this brilliant? There are also little flaps of paper […]

Telling tales : The Hindu
April 28, 2013

Story teller Geeta Ramanujam tells that stories bind people and change lives Many years ago in a place far away there lived a barren, solitary mountain. The mountain was terribly lonely. He watched the sun rise; seasons go by, the clouds drift past him, the rain fall on him all alone. One day while he […]

To tell a story well : The Hindu
September 18, 2011

A session of story telling can improve your diction and vocabulary Hands moved, legs danced, mouths sang and the eyes spoke in unison. Hundreds of kids sat on the floor with rapt attention and repeated the actions and expressions. Drama and cacophony marked the story telling session at Mahatma School. “Stories for long had captured […]