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Storyspace- A Different School

What is Kathalaya Storyspace?

Kathalaya storyspace is a space where communities and children learn all about life, cultures, and concepts as an integral part of learning.  Story Space is a Kathalaya learning centre - a school of learning whose vision is to "Make a positive social change in Society through Storytelling."

Why a Kathalaya Learning Centre?

Kathalaya is the only institution offering LEARNING CENTRES – A DIFFERENT CLASSROOM CURRICULUM embedded on the Storytelling methodology in the world. Stories help children to rediscover their roots, culture, and heritage in a systematic and authentic manner. It subtly balances both the emotional quotient with academic intelligence to facilitate holistic learning. These stories are bound to open the doors of true knowledge for all.


What You Get

Completely Customised Curriculum

The curriculum has been exclusively developed to suit the pedagogical levels of children between ages of 2-15. For each level the stories have been meticulously chosen and integrated with the basic concepts of learning in keeping with the NCERT curriculum. An expert panel of academicians and art practitioners have designed and formulated the curriculum.

The   curriculum is a compendium of stories where each story is conceived as a Story with a Story Plan, Concept map, Activities, Worksheets, Story Map, and a Read-Aloud Associated Story along with Books to Read aloud, Movies, Outing, and other Interesting facts. Each story also has an accompanying prop given as part of the STORY CHEST. These stories are part of the Story Lab experimented in activity centers and schools over the past 17 years.


Setting up the SPACE

A space of around 500 sq ft is minimum requirement for setting up the space.


STORY CHEST comprising of 40 items

Each story is accompanied by prop like glove puppets, finger puppets, stick puppets, puppet screen, masks, story cloth, Chitrakathas (Picture stories), and Kathachitras (story cards), Musical Instruments, To Do kits, flash cards, origami sheets, story apron, DVD of stories and the STORY CHEST.


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