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Our programs

Corporate workshop

Since 1998, Kathalaya has become the Master trainer for several institutions and companies, evolving new methodologies and customizing Storytelling effectively for every field and walk of life. Kathalaya’s methodology of storytelling is a unique blend of practical, philosophical, emotional and experiential learning. It has reached out to over 40 companies so far through its training. Our workshops are highly interactive, experiential and challenges people to step out their comfort zone and think out of the box.


Workshop duration: Half day/Full day/ 2 days, Motivational talk on Storytelling: 1-2 hours

Learning outcome:

  • A Powerful structure to use storytelling as a methodology
  • Innovative ways of pitching new ideas using stories
  • Ability to communicate and present new ideas to the audience
  • Knowing oneself - Attitude, self awareness to create impact
  • Empowering the individual to understand and tap their potential

Teacher workshop

Teachers play an extraordinary part in the lives of children and their development. TRANSFORMING CLASSROOMS is our specially customised workshop for the requirement of schools, educational institutions, teachers, story educators. We offer several customized modules to schools and educational institutions based on their training requirements, in addition to our basic module. Our basic module is a one day workshop covering the elements, essentials and techniques of storytelling.


Modules :

  • Integrating concepts in learning - The storytelling way
  • Techniques and styles of performing stories in classrooms
  • Puppetry Art and craft in Storytelling
  • Activity based storytelling for primary schools
  • Sounds and voice for the early childhood education
  • Language development through storytelling

Children workshop

Tell children a story and they listen with their whole being. Lead children to touch and understand a grass hopper, a rock, a flower, a ray of sunlight, and you begin to establish connections between children and their surroundings. At Kathalaya, as the stories unfold, we help the children bring the activities to life - a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning.



Duration of workshop: We offer several customized modules to schools and educational institutions based on their training requirements, in addition to our basic module.

Learning outcome: Make learning a joyful experience through storytelling. Build on experiences with activities that help them to care for, and take care of, the Earth and other people.

Special workshop

We, at Kathalaya believe in spreading the power of storytelling as a joyous performing art as well as a tool for educating and motivating.  In addition to our flagship courses, Kathalaya hosts many innovative and interesting workshops through the year as below:


  • Folklore
  • Story wellness
  • Storytelling for Effective Parenting
  • Shadow Play and Toy Stories
  • Theatre
  • Puppetry
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Voice of the Storyteller

Workshop duration: We offer 1/2 day to 1 day workshops on these modules.

Learning outcome: Storytelling is a skill and a craft that can be learnt. At Kathalaya, we help you to combine inspiration with information by using storytelling as a tool to engage, inspire and realise your potential.