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kathasangamalogoKatha Sangama extends the much loved Storywood monthly program from Kathalaya, which was a platform for listening to stories from Kathalaya tellers. In Katha Sangama, you will not only hear stories, you will also get tips and tricks from experts and get to tell and share your stories with the other members of the story gathering.  It is a common platform for the entire family. It will be a time well spent with other families in a festival of stories with bonding, sharing and listening.  It ia a unique story networking platform from Kathalaya.

August 27th 2016- Lauch of KathaSangama: KathaSangama was launched with a  scintillating storytelling by Geeta Ramanujam and  breathtakingly nimble shadow puppetry by Parhalad Acharya. 

September 2016- Bonding: The theme of the second session was the very basis of KathaSangama- Bonding. We had a brilliant story by Kalpana followed by group activities and book reading of  Dr. Suess book, Thidwick, the bighearted moose.

October 22nd 2016- Stories on Sharing your dreams:The session has a theme based story marathon with three storytellers Kiran,  Parvathy, and Meera from Kathalaya regaling the audience with stories on dreams and sharing the dreams.

November 26th 2016- Storytelling with Puppets-  This was a special session in many ways with a simple yet powerful story by Lata Satagopan about understanding  the differently-abled children, followed by activities to help us understand the  seemingly effortless but brilliant ways in which the differently-abled children learn to cope.

December 17th 2016- Childhood stories:This session had the book launch of Geeta's engrossing book, Eeee...Here's my story and narration of Stories from  by Geeta herself. The audience was left wanting for more ladoos from Geeta's childhood.

January  21st 2017- Stories among trees:This session was a green eye opener  in getting to know our rooted friends, the trees.  There was fun, information and stories in the idyllic JP nagar mini forest.


February  25th 2017 Folk stories : The folk stories by folk artist Lakshmi Narayana filled Kathalaya as he sang the simple tales in his sonorous and captivating voice. He gave a glimpse of what a folk story could be and explained how they could come from anyone.

April 1st 2017  Stories of transformation: KathaSangama brought a visual treat to its audience with two simple, rooted and engrossing performances.The Yakshagana dance by Kala Kadamba presented the story of Punyakoti  -telling how honesty transforms the tiger. The story of Valmiki by Geeta Ramanujam brought out the seemignly serious change in Valmiki's pride, simultaneously bringing out the laughter in both the children and the adults in the audience.

May  27th 2017,  Summer stories:  The day had stories on the most delightful features of summer-mangoes, beaches, ice creams and also the not so great heat. Stories were narrated by Manjusha, Geetha Subramanium, Smita and Shilpa  for a cozy evening in the midst of heavy rains.This was followed by an interesting Mango quiz for all which had several fun facts and some activities too.

July 1st 2017,  What's the right word?  Words make up a story, but what words should we use with our children? This was the theme of this very interesting event which had storytelling  by Geeta Ramanujam and  games on word associations and more. Ms Gayathri Kannan,  clearly demonstrated that children are capable of  expanding their vocabulary if you give them a chance. It was a noisy, funfilled, yet insightful session.

July  22nd 2017, I  me myself: How important is it for children to  know that they are capable, resourceful and wonderful, irrespective of how different they are from the others? Sounds like a serious topic? It is, but at Kathasangama, it was conveyed through a brilliant storytelling by Geeta Ramanujam and Rakhee Jain. 

August  19th 2017, Can Elephants Sing?: That was an interesting question and our storytellers Jyothi and Mahua had a very beautiful and interesting answer, with an evening of musical stories on the theme of elephants.

September 23rd  2017, My name is Bond Ruskin Bond: A tribute to one of a master in storytelling Ruskin Bond had the audience and the storytellers  together in a tight bond. Manjusha and Meera narrated stories based on the works of Ruskin Bond in different styles. And coupled this with a short viewing of the evergreen  movie,"The Blue Umbrella"

 October 28th, Halloween Magic: On a day closer to Halloween, KathaSangama brought stories on the spookier side with a dress up party for the children. As bats and spiders adorned the walls, storytellers Jyothi and ShriVidya filled the place with stories of witches and more.

December 16th December, A Story, A Dance-Joys shared, Memories made: An enthralling session of stories on sharing and giving by Anagha and Shravya. It was an interesting session  with the integration of a classical dance, Bharathanatyam  with storytelling.


Membership and Meeting

Katha Sangama is primarily a membership based network. The membership charges for 6 months is Rs. 300/- per individual payable to Kathalaya.  With family enrollments you get to save 10% on the membership fee for each additional family member.

The Katha Sangama will meet on the last Saturday of every month at Kathalaya.  It will be from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Fill in the details below to register with us. We will send the online account transfer details to you.

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