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Diploma in Storytelling

The only International Diploma Course in Storytelling

Stories have the power to move mountains and build bridges...

The Diploma Course opens you to a whole new dimension of Storytelling. You will explore and discover stories that have evolved through time in different regions of the World. You will travel to myths and mysteries of fantasy worlds and discover the difference between a legend and a fairy tale or the time difference between a folk tale and a fable. Why were they told and what did it mean to people, will be the journey that will leave you with awe and a sense of wonder. And, through this, connect you to your own source. We equip you with new skills from the fields of music, arts, and crafts, besides allowing you to discover your own potential to discover yourself as a truly professional storyteller.

Connect with us through the course... It happens just 3 to 4 times a year...

Diploma Course in a nutshell

Course duration: 4 days classroom session; 6-12 months of field work.

Location:  Kathalaya academy,  Bengaluru

Fees: INR 25000 including GST( 385 USD), materials , snacks tea and lunch

Certification: Your Diploma will be awarded on submission of the project work. The Diploma is  affiliated to the University of Sweden and Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Diploma course

What is the Diploma Course?

Diploma in storytelling from Kathalaya is an in-depth study of storytelling in all its totality. This will delve on the hands-on skills and knowledge that will help the learner to launch on their journey as a storyteller. The Diploma course will help in honing these skills through classes, performance, observation and research and propel them on a path to become professional storytellers.

Who will benefit from the Diploma Course?

The course involves in depth project work and exposure to a variety of storytelling skills. The course will benefit those in the following profiles

  • Individuals who are planning to pursue storytelling professionally
  • Persons who are interested in exploration of storytelling for research
  • People interested in gaining an enhanced knowledge of storytelling techniques
  • Those who want to imbibe the expertise of storytelling and use storytelling in their profession

Can I take the Diploma course independent of the beginner's course?

No. You  will need to complete the Beginner's course as a pre-requisite to the Diploma course.

How is the Diploma different from the Beginner's course?

The Beginner’s course in storytelling focuses on the key techniques of storytelling while the Diploma will focus on the skills required to perform storytelling.

What will be covered in this course?

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Our Professional Diploma Holders

Ms.Swathi Kakodkar....Ms. Nilum Jajodia....Ms. Smruti Gopal....Ms. Shalini Tayal....Ms. Garima Garg....Ms. Rama Kumar....Ms. H.Gowri....Mr. Sourish Ghosh....Ms. Rebecca....Ms. Samvedna....Ms. Kavita Prasad....Ms. Dipali....Ms. Nehal Sharad Parekh....Ms. Girija M Nair....Ms. Rohini Vij khattar....Mr. A.Shankar....Ms. Rukma....Ms. Karti Ganju....Ms. Brinda....Ms. Saudamini Singh.... Ms. Seema Karanth....Ms. Manjusha Vijayakumar....Ms. Rekha Babu....Ms. N. Shoba....Ms. Rachel Philip