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Storytelling as an education tool : Edutalk
June 19, 2014

There is a kind of energy that one transmits when you directly address children with words, and that is of emotions. What we do at Kathalaya is that our lesson plan is drawn on two aspects; language development of listening, reading and writing and the second one is the oral tradition of listening, retelling and recalling. 10 years ago […]

Telling tales : The Hindu
April 28, 2013

Story teller Geeta Ramanujam tells that stories bind people and change lives Many years ago in a place far away there lived a barren, solitary mountain. The mountain was terribly lonely. He watched the sun rise; seasons go by, the clouds drift past him, the rain fall on him all alone. One day while he […]

To tell a story well : The Hindu
September 18, 2011

A session of story telling can improve your diction and vocabulary Hands moved, legs danced, mouths sang and the eyes spoke in unison. Hundreds of kids sat on the floor with rapt attention and repeated the actions and expressions. Drama and cacophony marked the story telling session at Mahatma School. “Stories for long had captured […]