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Once upon a time… : Deccan Herald
March 27, 2015

‘Saali Ka doola, Manchi ka boola!’ croons a storyteller as she waves a magical wand over the audience listening in rapt attention. The song is a magical song of wishes and the event is the ‘World Storytelling Day’ celebrations held at Kathalaya-The House of Stories recently. The audience comprising the young, the very young and […]

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The storytelling tale : Life Positive
March 2, 2015

Storytelling has always been one of the most powerful and delectable ways to convey the truths of life. Though modern times reduced its popularity, it is making a roaring comeback, says Punya Srivastava Once upon a time…” Can one ever tire of hearing that phrase, resonant with the promise of immersion in some magical and […]

The happy storyteller : The Hindu
February 9, 2015

Geeta Ramanujam enchanted both six and sixty-year-olds with her tales An ear splitting wail tears through the room. Children cover their ears. An ugly and unhappy demon has just caught sight of his reflection in the mirror. And, he is aghast. His blood stops flowing and heart stops beating! Geeta Ramanujam, dressed in a red […]

Back in 80’s and 90’s, kids preferred spending time with friends to gadgets, pestered their grandparents for stories, and knew better outdoor games than kids today. Cut to 2014, kids are glued to technology and have forgotten the art of having fun with creative games. Besides, their parents find it difficult to spend quality time with […]

Stories can change your life – The Hindu
December 2, 2014

Geeta Ramanujam speaks about Kathotsava 2014, the world story telling festival, that is underway in the city Veteran storyteller Geeta Ramanujam’s stories draw you in, hypnotise and leave you enthralled. Co-founder of Kathalaya, a storytelling Academy in Bengaluru, Geeta has brought alive the magic of stories not just in the city, but also in other […]

Once upon a time, with Rohini : The Hindu
November 29, 2014

When Rohini Christopher starts to tell a story, she holds both children and adults in a thrall Rohini Christopher picks up the pop-up book on Chronicles of Narnia and flips the pages. As the cut-out of a lion pops out of the book, she exclaims, “Isn’t this brilliant? There are also little flaps of paper […]

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Around 150 teachers from schools across the City came together at a seminar, organised by the Deccan Herald in Education (DHiE) here on Friday, to familiarise themselves with storytelling as a tool to be used in the classroom. The interactive seminar, facilitated by Geeta Ramanujam, founder and director of Kathalaya, took the participants into two […]

One of the hottest trends in the corporate world is — surprise — storytelling. Companies are banking on storytelling to convey messages to people, says Kavitha Shanmugam A new dairy company sets up shop in Ahmedabad, the backyard of the mother of milk brands in the country, Amul. How can it get across its story […]

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There is a kind of energy that one transmits when you directly address children with words, and that is of emotions. What we do at Kathalaya is that our lesson plan is drawn on two aspects; language development of listening, reading and writing and the second one is the oral tradition of listening, retelling and recalling. 10 years ago […]