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Enjoy our new Kathalaya website
June 19, 2015

Friends, our new website is up and thank you Shrinath for designing and helping us with a new look. Oh! Reminds me of the Phoenix… Phoenix the bird that rises every time out of the ashes again and again and again and so have I, along with Kathalaya, risen again with new concepts ,dimensions and ideas […]

22 Extraordinary Education Innovators
June 19, 2015

Geeta Ramanujam is founder-director of the Bangalore-based Kathalaya Trust and the Academy of Storytelling. An economics, education and library science alumna of Madras University with over two decades of classroom experience in some of the country’s top-ranked schools (Aurobindo Memorial, The Valley School, Bangalore), Ramanujam promoted Kathalaya in 1998 to enable teachers and students to […]

The storytelling tale : Life Positive
March 2, 2015

Storytelling has always been one of the most powerful and delectable ways to convey the truths of life. Though modern times reduced its popularity, it is making a roaring comeback, says Punya Srivastava Once upon a time…” Can one ever tire of hearing that phrase, resonant with the promise of immersion in some magical and […]

Independence Day
September 12, 2013

Independence Day is nearing and what strikes us for Freedom. It is also a time to take off on your own self and re look at your inner recesses of the heart and set free a lot of trapped feelings emotions and light a new lamp for yourself. When you read a story there are […]

The tale of Vrittasura
September 10, 2013

Storytelling Today…  Hmmm, 2013 Reminded of a Story of Vrittasura fom the Bhagavatam…… Vrittasura the asura (demon) decided to meditate on one leg to pray to Shiva and he stood firm beginning his penance with “Om Namah Shivaya” over and over for eons. When there was no response he began to tear his flesh bit […]

The Ashoka Future Forum
July 5, 2013

The year 2000 marked a historic change in the history of Kathalaya as well as my own life. Out of the blue when we were wondering how to go forward with the seed of storytelling which had just been sown. A little bird from Washington sent their emissary in India to pick me up for […]

On Books
May 13, 2013

Parallel stories from the same land On books and friends I spend my money For stones and bricks I haven’t any. When we take our own decisions you also need to feel responsible for them. The things I do best are those things I do on my own, without the advice or approval of others. […]

As the silence continues
April 13, 2013

What started as a connection with my own center led me further into unearthing my own stories and re-living an entire past in a space which was not a counselor’s office or a therapist’s space but in a hall of silence at the Vipasana Meditation Center on Tumkur road. It was like exploring silence in […]

Finding my center
April 5, 2013

The month that passed by opened up a new world of silent stories. It all started with a trip to Chikmagalur with 2 Swedish colleagues after a hectic beginning of workshops and academic programs at Kathalaya. The full moon has an electrifying effect on the mountains and the trees and soothes you like a balm […]