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"There are those moments when something new has entered into us, something unknown – A story perhaps."

Beginners course – May 2020 - Online
     Beginners Course – June 2020 - Online
Beginners course – July 2020 - Online
     Diploma Course – August 2020 - Online

International Academy of Storytelling

Kathalaya set up the International Academy of Storytelling, the first and only independent and globally recognized academy for storytelling, to supplement their work in the field. The courses offered by the Academy are open to aspiring storytellers from any background, from teachers to NGO representatives to corporate and professionals.

The International Academy of Storytelling (IAST) was conceptualised as a mechanism to spread the art of storytelling around the world and create a platform for amateur and professional storytellers as well as professionals in other fields like corporate, education and arts to gain the requisite technical skill that would help propel them into the world of storytelling.

IAST is the only Institute in India offering professional courses in Storytelling, and the courses are now conducted mainly at our Bengaluru centre. We also now offer courses at Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Himalayas and Dubai.

IAST has since its beginning trained over 85,000+ storytellers across the world. IAST delivers 2 levels of certification including the coveted ‘Graduate Diploma in Storytelling’. The courses are specially designed to help transition individuals into professional level Storytellers and communicators. The various modules are Customized by experts who have decades of experience in storytelling and related fields of education, leadership and communication.

The IAST courses are affiliated to:

  • The International Storytelling Center, Tennessee, USA
  • University of Skovde, Sweden
  • Scottish Storytelling Center, Edinburgh, Scotland

In addition to the core diploma, IAST offers a wide range of programs for individuals, children and corporate. Each program is unique and designed to focus on a multitude of cultural components, skill building, personality development and leadership qualities. We are constantly evolving as an institution and introducing innovative methodologies to make Storytelling more relevant to the current world and lifestyle without losing the essence, heritage and legacy of stories that have been passed on for generations.

Beginner’s Course Modules

Session 1
  • Introduction
  • Listening skills
  • Key Elements of Storytelling
Session 2
  • Pillars of Storytelling
  • Definition of Storytelling
  • Narratives of Storytelling
Session 3
  • Voice and Voice modulation
  • Body language and movement
  • Sounds and gestures
Session 4
  • Story web
  • Creative structures for Storytelling
  • Experiencing Storytelling
  • Presentation skills and evaluation

Diploma Course Modules

Session 1
  • History and Evolution of Storytelling
  • Genres of Storytelling
  • Parallel myths from around the World
Session 2
  • Storytelling styles from around the world
  • Storytelling performances with varied props.
  • Real time Performances and Presentations
Session 3
  • Storyboard and Story structures
  • Experiential Storytelling
Session 4
  • Puppetry
  • Shadow Puppet
  • Music and Storytelling
Session 5
  • Documentation
  • Visit to a museum


  • Experiential Learning
  • Participatory Learning
  • Activity based Learning
  • Group Learning
  • Interactive Learning
  • Skill based Learning
  • Discussions
  • Individual Involvement


  • Collaborative Learning & Multi skilled learning
  • Use of Body language, gestures, rhythm sounds and Movement in storytelling
  • Finding your own VOICE for Storytelling
  • Creating your own story and presenting it.