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About Kathalaya

From The Seed To The Tree.... 

The House of stories - 20 years of Celebration.

Once upon a time on a rainy day in 1998, three teachers met under a Banyan tree to discuss Storytelling and its impact on learning in society and schools........Well that’s how it all began. They founded Kathalaya which meant a HOUSE OF STORIES.

Today, Kathalaya is Bangalore's most popular house of Stories that trains and encourages people in the Art of Storytelling. We offer certified courses in storytelling with an excellent teaching faculty. Storytelling is not only an art, but it is also a means of communication, of expressing ideas, of illustrating points. It can be said that the majority of information we receive from others, whether through verbal communication or text, is transmitted as a story.

Seed of thought:

Once of upon a time In 1998, Ms. Geeta Ramanujam who had been a teacher and librarian at many schools since 1982  began to ponder about:

How to make concepts in education more interesting?

How to cultivate reading habits in children?

How to get a child interested and riveted to his seat?

The answer she found was “STORY TELLING” – To bridge the gaps between the “Teacher and Taught” which gave birth to KATHALAYA TRUST-The House of Stories, Bangalore India.

From 1998 to 2019: Nearly 20 years after its inception, Kathalaya has grown into a huge tree providing shade for storytellers, teachers, corporate and professionals from around the World. It has now bloomed into An International Academy of Storytelling which has trained over 85000 people and has spread its roots to over 23 countries across the World.

The Universe is made up stories……not atoms.

                Our journey so far... A glimpse of Kathayala

A founder's musings 

“I always enjoyed listening, exploring, and travelling... Sending little boats down the rivers silently, watching the journey of that boat drift along with the wind and touch the shores now and then. While listening to the silence of life and nature, I also heard several bird calls and the rustle of leaves play music to the silence. Today I continue sailing the sea of Storytelling: exploring new lands, new ideas, connecting with people across the world, exchanging stories, and diving deep into the waters of STORYTELLING .

I have been doing just that for the last 38 years of my life as a teacher, educator, trainer, and Storyteller.

Geeta Ramanujam

About the founder, Geeta Ramanujam, The Master Trainer

  • Geeta Ramanujam, a Veteran Trainer, Story Coach who has an experience of 22 years in the field of Storytelling.
  • Degree- Masters in Economics, Masters in Education
  • Bachelor of Library & Information Sciences.
  • Founder of IAST, The international Academy of Storytelling, 1998-2018
  • She has also established and founded the Academy of Storytelling; the only globally recognized Academy for Storytelling in the World.
  • Story Curator and reviver of oral narratives for the global audience.
  • A crusader for change management and  the Storytelling framework -Transforming  people’s  thinking & creativity
  • Impacting Young minds to think differently.
  • Spinning new yarns to keep stories alive in little hearts.
  • Corporate Trainer Leveraging new perceptions & ideologies.
  • Faculty at The Azim Premji University & University of Gothenberg, Sweden
  • Renowned Speaker at International & National Conferences.


  • Inaugurated the first International festivals and Centres at Dubai, Poland, Sweden, Bahia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, The Himalayas, Norway, INDIA AND IN SMALLER TOWNS OF INDIA.
  • Recipient of several International Storytellers Awards, besides the Bo CaDeu festival at Sao Paulo in 2016.
  • International affiliations for Storytelling courses in India from Sweden, Scotland and the USA.
  • First Indian storyteller to perform and train at Dubai, SriLanka, UK, Cambridge, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Brazil, Peru and USA.
  • The first Indian coordinator to collaborate with the Ministry of Culture in Sweden to set up Storywood - the first Storytelling festival in Sweden.
  • First Indian Coordinator of the Red International Storytelling Network representing 163 countries around the world and recognized by UNESCO
  • Representative at the International Jonesborough festival in USA
  • To Set up International Storyspaces in Latin America and Ireland
  • The Limca book of records for organizing the first International storytelling festival in India-2005

On the board of

  • Mahatma Montessori school, Madurai
  • Cambridge Public school, Bangalore
  • White Clouds Public school, Tiruppur
  • Seiba International Storytelling Center, Istanbul

Awards Received

  • Ashoka fellowship
  • International Storytellers award at the BoCA Deu festival, Brazil
  • Karnataka Women and Child Welfare award
  • Bangalore Hero award
  • Bangalore 94.3 FM award
  • Bangalore Citizen award - Namma Bengaluru
  • Rotary awards Bangalore and Chennai
  • Literature festival awards
  • Best Speaker awards at Toastmasters, CBSE, NCERT
  • BEST STORY NARRATOR AWARD from the Governor of Tamil Nadu Banwarilal Purohit – June 2019