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Chennai to host workshop on “Using Storytelling for Teaching-and-Learning” : Merinews
May 5, 2015

Keeping in view the importance of storytelling in teaching language and social sciences, a one-day workshop on storytelling as a teaching method is being organized at Adyar in Chennai. According to the resource person of the workshop, Lavanya Srinivas, the sessions during the workshop will emphasize the use of storytelling in the teaching and learning process.
The Director of World Storytelling Institute, Eric Miller, informed that the workshop on the theme “Using Storytelling for Teaching-and-Learning” will train the participants on the nuances of the art of storytelling and its effective use in the classroom by teachers.

Some documents as concept and background papers have been shared with the prospective participants to have some insights into theoretical under-pinning of storytelling as a pedagogical tool. The resource material consists of documents such as “Statement on Storytelling” by the USA National Council of Teachers of English; “Storytelling in Education? YES!” by the Youth, Educators and Storytellers Alliance; “Storytelling: The Heart and Soul of Education” by Pacific Resources for Education and Learning; “Storytelling as a Tool for Teaching and Learning” by Kathalaya; and “Storytelling Workshop for Teachers: Notes” by the Storytelling Institute.
Stressing the need for classroom use of storytelling, the position paper of National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) states the teacher’s modeling of a prepared telling can introduce students to the techniques of eye contact, dramatic placement of a character within a scene, use of character voices, and more. “However, it is important to remember that storytelling is communication, from the teller to the audience, not just acting or performing,” suggests the NCTE.

The NCTE has appreciated the fact that schools and pre-service teacher preparation courses were gradually giving storytelling the needed curriculum space. I personally feel that there should be storytelling workshops for teacher educators so that they can prepare the prospective teachers in the art and craft of storytelling.

– By Dr. Lalit Kishore