Wondering what to write on
September 26, 2018

I have been thinking of what to write about and decided to go with the flow of my thoughts…As I walked up the Himalayas and felt the silence , watched the snow capped peaks  and the layers of the mountains hugging and folding into each other with tenderness and love…. My thoughts have drifted to […]

And it ‘s a 100
June 27, 2018

I completed the story of the Mountain and the Bird for the 100th batch . I never begin the story with a title and ask the participants to name the story. “ Serendipity Longing, Unending love, On the wings of a bird, The soul bonding,”  and so on  were some of the titles from the […]

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The story of a storyteller- The Hindu
August 11, 2016

Stories are a beautiful backup to life, says Geeta Ramanujam, who is to soon open a Kathalaya centre in the city She always saw history as ‘his story’. The names of kings and queens, the battles they fought, and the monuments they built — all seemed irrelevant to high school history teacher Geeta Ramanujam unless […]

Award-winning storyteller Geeta Ramanujam, who was in the city to open a Kathalaya centre, says stories encourage individuals, particularly children, to doubt, examine, and question the society they live in. Geeta Ramanujam narrating a story at a recent workshop Chennai: Veteran storyteller Geeta Ramanujam grew up listening to stories. While her mother told native tales […]

February 4, 2016

  The peacock looked different and beautiful and I thought …. Every time I see one I think I How beautiful he is but this time when I saw one at Srilanka with an additional colour of red on his tail I paused stared and wondered how nature keeps trying to please and help you […]

Children’s Workshop
January 4, 2016

With the new year dawning we are beginning a new course for our young professional storytellers. Please find attached the details. Professionals from our Academy  will facilitate the course.​ Please call us or write to for further details.

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